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About us – Fox Cell phone Repair Company


Fox Cellphone Repair company is a licensed phone repair company that offers all manner of cell phone repair services like fixing cell phones, fixing tablets, fixing smartphones, battery replacement, screen repairs, and other phone associated issues. We own a facility in the heart of Ceres and have the aim of becoming one of the most successful and wide spread phone repair shop in California all time. Fox Cellphone Repair Company is owned by a Abdul Saboor Qadeer a bachelor of computer sciene with 5 years of experience in in Ceres California and Afghanistan. Funding this business is not going to be much of an issue because abdul Saboor Qadeer already has savings. In addition to his savings, Qadeer is looking to get loans from family, friends and also from the bank.


Our vision statement is to build a trustworthy tech repair company that can always be relied on to provide the needed cell phone repair services, anytime, any day.


Our mission is to create a cell phone repair firm that will be renowned for quality as well as reliability. We at Fox cellphone Repair Company are not just interested in making profits, we also have the interest of our numerous clients at heart.

Business Structure

At Fox Cellphone Repair Company, we are aware of recent trends in the cell repair industry. We aim to become and stay relevant by employing the best and just the best. That’s not all we have in mind to do, we will also ensure that those we hire to work with us are hired strictly on merit and for what they can offer.

Market Analysis

As a result of the rapid increase in demand and the use of mobile phones in today’s world, there has been an increase in job opportunities for individuals with the skills for fixing cell phones. This need for cell phone repairers has been boosted by the availability of very sensitive and fragile phones.

Target Market

After carrying out our research, we have come to discover that getting our potential clients to patronize us will be very easy with the right communication skills. Our target market includes individuals from all walks of life. Some of them include smartphone owners in our catchment area, tablet owners in our environment, cell phone owners in our environment, and finally, organizations that employ the use of smartphones and cell phones in the day to day running of their businesses.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

We have carefully devised some strategies that will help us make good and quick sales in this business. Some of them include • Top-notch customer service • A reduced price • Adverts in Newspapers


Source of Startup Capital

To get this business started, we will need at least $10,000. This money will be used in getting an office space, not forgetting the materials needed to run this company and also to sponsor advertisements. Thank fully we have all the money  as saving.

Competitive Advantage
It takes more than top-level IT skills to make it in the business of cell phone repairs. One vital ingredient that is needed to survive in this business and that should not be swept under the carpet is networking. The right network of professionals determines who gets what contract to repair, maintain and supply cell phones. We aim at competing favorably in this business by being able to meet strict deadlines and work closely with our team of engineers

This is a business plan for Fox cellphone Repair Company. It is a firm owned by Abdul Saboor Qadeer and will meet the cell phone needs of the residents of Sacramento.


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